Quality & Environmental Management Policy

The company BIOMAK, which is engaged in the production and trading of biodiesel, implements a Quality and Environmental Management System that fully complies with the quality and environmental requirements as they evolve over time and are described in international European or national specifications and guidelines. The Quality & Environmental Management System of the company covers the production and sale of biodiesel and is designed according to the Company's needs and objectives and the Legal and Regulatory Requirements of the current Greek and Community Legislation. The aforementioned Quality and Environmental Policy for the company is a reference point and commitment of the Management as well as an effort of all its contributors. All of this is done with the aim of ensuring necessary returns for the smooth and effective operation of the company. To achieve the above, the company:
  • has developed and implemented a Quality Management System according to ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 and an Environmental Management System according to ELOT EN ISO 14001:2015,
  • provides all the necessary resources to ensure the smooth, efficient, and effective operation of the company, which are reviewed in the Management Review of the Management System,
  • has created a suitable work environment to meet all the requirements concerning safety and health at work,
  • maintains a high level of personnel with continuous training in their field and evaluation of their performance,
  • identifies and manages risks that could have negative impacts on the environment and on product and service compliance,
  • defines Quality and Environmental objectives, which are reviewed at regular intervals according to its needs, and checks their achievement through the Management System Review by the Management.
BIOMAK takes care of rational environmental management (waste and natural resource management) through:
  • Adoption of all necessary measures for waste avoidance, reduction, treatment, and reuse, as well as reduction of resource consumption (energy, water, raw and auxiliary materials) by implementing best available techniques; this is part of our overall strategy.
  • Compliance with legislation and keeping a list of legislation, which is reviewed annually.
The commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Management System through the processes that BIOMAK has developed is the main concern of the company and the philosophy of each employee.

Sindos, 01/06/2022

CEO Christos Isaakidis